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About Raw Till 4

What Is Raw Till 4?

Raw Till 4 is a lifestyle rather than a diet. A vegan program that focuses on eating A LOT of  raw fruits (especially bananas!) and vegetables, no animal products, little to no fats or seeds.  You basically eat whole, unprocessed raw foods until 4pm.  Then you are allowed to cook and eat certain beneficial foods, but again, without oils to help flavour and cook your food.  Following the raw till 4 program is challenging for those used to eating animal products, or even for vegans used to eating processed foods, but the health, fitness, and increased energy levels speak for themselves.

This ain’t no pop pills, expect to get thin fast, fad diet.  Raw Till 4 is a long term lifestyle that will make you feel incredible, keep your body in balance and harmony, and keep your weight where you want it.  All without counting calories!  Actually, you do need to count your calories, at least initially.  But not to make sure you don’t eat too much.  With rawtill4 you count your calories to make sure you are getting enough!

 No High Impact Exercise Or Useless Pills on Raw Till 4

If you’re like me, you’ve tried all the silly programs that require you to workout 17 times a week, and take expensive supplements of questionable origin or benefits.  These are just marketing products produced by snake oil salesmen who want to get you hooked on their program so you’ll buy their supplements and vitamins and workout equipment for the rest of your life.  A perfect example of this model is the Body For Life.  I’ll admit I got into amazing physical shape on Body For Life, but I cringe at the sheer volume of aspartame I consumed in the mountains of EAS Myolplex shakes I ate on that program!  Ewwww.  I’m amazed I’m still alive after all that aspartame.

what is raw till 4

You’ll Be Shopping here alot on Raw Till 4

Living Raw Till 4 just makes sense.   You eat a ton of quality whole fruits and vegetables all day until 4.  Eat as much as you want ( or can).  Want to eat 20 bananas a day? Go for it!  You can find more details on the types of food you can eat on this program here.

After 4 PM you can actually cook food, again focusing on healthy cooking of the right kinds of high carbohydrate vegetables and grains, and even pasta (gluten free)!

You’ll see many who fail on the Raw Till 4 program who claim they are SO tired and run down, and ultra cranky, and just can’t think clearly.  The likely cause is they don’t eat ENOUGH calories.  When you eat real, raw, whole foods, you need to eat a lot of volume to get sufficient calories.  You have to use a Jedi mind trick to get over that hurdle.  You MUST eat A LOT of raw, whole foods to get enough calories.  I can’t stress this enough!

Men need at least 3000 calories on this program.  Women need 2500 calories.

Many people fail when they try the Raw Till 4 Diet because they simply don’t have the drive and determination that you do. They complain about being full or constipated because they are  ingesting way more calories per day, but they fail to keep pushing through til the body rebalances itself.

Have faith in the process, and more importantly in yourself!  If you stick to eating whole, unprocessed raw foods til 4 pm and whole, unprocessed cooked foods after 4 pm, you WILL begin to lose weight.  But more importantly, you will begin to feel amazing!

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