Raw Till 4 Diet Plan

Raw Till 4 Diet Menu Plans

Raw Till 4 Diet is not so much a “diet” as it is a Lifestyle.  It’s a high carbohydrate, low fat, low protein program.  The word Diet implies calorie restriction.  This Raw Till 4 lifestyle is all about abundance of food.  Because you are eating raw whole fruits all day and some cooked carbs and vegetables for dinner, you really need to eat A LOT of fruits in the daytime.  The only real calorie counting comes in to make sure you actually eat enough.

How Many Calories on the Raw Till 4 Diet?

Like I said, it’s all about eating as much as you physically can.  Women should strive for a minimum of 2500 calories on the raw till 4 program. Men should strive for at least 3000 calories.  It sounds like a lot.  And it is.  When I started I had much trouble getting that much fruit into me through the day.  I was always feeling full and bloated.  I had some stomach discomfort for the first day and a half.  Then my bowels did their thing and all was fine going forward.

Hydration on Raw Till 4

Water is good for you no matter what your lifestyle choice.  You will need to drink plenty here.  Go for 3 – 5 litres a day.  Always drink a lot before meals, especially before your cooked dinner as the cooked food will take water away from you.  I always try to drink close to a liter of water 30 minutes before my dinner.

Raw Till 4 Diet Plan Recipes



Raw Till 4 breakfast day 1

  •  7 Bananas
  • 2 Medjool Dates
  • 2 Navel Oranges
  • Water and Ice


mangos aplenty on raw till 4

5 Large Mangoes Or 10 cups of Frozen chunks



Cooked Dinner idea Raw Till 4

  • 2 Pounds Organic Potatoes
  • Several Large Lettuce Leaves
  • Freelee’s No Salt No Fat Sweet Chili Sauce


Day 2


raw till 4 Day Two Breakfast Date Mint Milkshake


  • 15 Dates
  • Fresh Mint
  • 2 TBS Organic Coconut Sugar
  • Water and Ice


raw till 4 Day Two Lunch Vanilla Milkshake


  • 10 Large Bananas
  • 2 TSP Organic Vanilla Extract
  • Lots of Ice and at least 500 ml of water




rice and tomato raw till 4 cooked dinner

  • One cup of dry rice
  • Half of a 26 oz Pomi (low salt) chopped tomatoes container
  • 5 oz or so of mushrooms
  • 2 cups of spinach (add them in the last 5 minutes of cooking)



Pineapple Banana Milkshake Smoothie

164 Responses to Raw Till 4 Diet Plan

    • Lydia says:

      I have been tracking my meals in cronometer. I had put in the 30bananasaday track. Everyday I am always well beyond my recommended carb intake. Is that okay? It recommends I have 339.8 g, but I have been in the 500s, with around 90% carbs. Just wondering if this is a good or bad thing.


    • Natalie says:

      Why do you have to eat that many calories?

    • Katie says:

      I’m wanting to try this, but is there any way to have coffee in the morning at least at the beginning or will it mess this whole plan up? I’m a coffee addict lol, and I’m in full time work and school so I think that’s the one thing I’ll have a hard time giving up. Will the fruit give me enough energy to make up for caffeine withdrawals?

      • Raw Till 4 says:

        You’ll get over the coffee addiction eating on this lifestyle. That being said, I still enjoy a cup every morning ( down from 3)! Life is too short to give up coffee completely!

        • Vicky says:

          Can you add coffee to your morning smoothie? That maybe an option. πŸ™‚

          • Raw Till 4 says:

            yikes that sounds icky!

          • Janet says:

            I’m not on the RT4 diet yet, but I do make fruit smoothies every morning. I put coffee in mine and it tastes great- well you don’t even taste the coffee. I’m not sure if chocolate is allowed or not on this diet, but I put my fruit, instant coffee (or use pre-brewed cold coffee), plain cocao powder, and plenty of water in it and it tastes like chocolate covered candies! The fruit is sweet enough you don’t need anything to sweeten the chocolate and you get your daily caffeine fix πŸ™‚ Hope you like this recipe as much as I do!

          • Trish says:

            Coffee flushes out any nutrients you’ve just consumed it are consuming with it.

      • Ashely says:

        I used to be addicted to coffee but I switched to matcha and I have way more energy from that than coffee and i just put like a drop of coconut palm sugar it’s delicious iced or hot I hope that helps 😊

    • Zillah says:

      Hi, what is the view of green or vegetable juices (I have a juicer) and how do I work out the calories?

      • Marina Rzic says:

        Green/veggie juices are perfectly fine. I wouldn’t even bother counting the calories on those because they’d be so low. In general, there is a website called Cronometer.com that you can put your food diary in everyday and that will count your calories, macronutrients, vitamins, minerals, etc so as to make sure you get enough of everything πŸ™‚

    • Saan says:


      Started about a week ago, and are very careful and getting allll the calories inmin 3000. Am questioning if too many thou? It feels weird, of course as new to unlimited cals, to eat that much. Energetically I swing a bit but yesterday I started to feel more energy from within. And I definately feel more expanded and clear. The old programm wont stop thou, sine I havnt experienced any weightloss, yet, during this period. So there is temptation to decrease cal intake. I have had eating dissorders for half life, not heavily in many years yet ALWAYS stress and semi counting yet impossible to control and experiencing weightgain year after year. PLease, can someone just put in myc face that it is OK to eat 3000 – what happens if more? I think somedays I even snacked on dates to be sure to get the GOOD amount in…. Thank you forresponding. And thank you for support.

      • Raw Till 4 says:

        I’m definitely not qualified to address your eating disorders, I’ve just never experienced it, nor studied them. Sounds like you may need a professional to consult with you on this new lifestyle! Good luck.

        • Saan says:

          Hey πŸ™‚
          Thank you so much for being so professional expressing that, am definately more healthy now. 67kg and 172cm and exercising regularly. Due to feel good. And am striving toward health and do not suffer in the same way anymore. I had bulimia, and it only activates if extreme stress, max once every year. So, I have no problem with eating a lot, I follow the guidlines and in the moment I feel great, and can feel a shift in body too, that it trusts that it will get more food. So I can relax in mind, the whole system is actually relaxing day by day. I am just curious, what if I would eat 3000 even? I mean first days I had the 10 bananas, then snacked on few dates and then datorade on 12dates and couple of banananas follwoed by 8 potatoes, a beet, a carrot and 3 sweet potatoes. All good sice… So, am just wondering, wheh u say no calorie restriction, what does that mean? I mean how much could I eat. Might sound silly, cus of course listen to the body, and its a practise with my background when now chosing health. Anyways, is ther a limit? What if I gotta eat 11pm ( and had a 5pm smaller meal tooincl at least 2000 cals in daytime)? Thank you so much for taking you time!

      • Emilie says:

        DEAR SOUL, YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY NOT EATING TOO MANY CALORIES!!!! When it comes to calories from fruit or cooked foods that fit into this diet program, eating that many causes weight LOSS not weight gain. You are NOT being gluttonous!!!! Eating more than 3000 is absolutely FINE. Ok, FINE!!!! Get me? Eat until you are full. You are being healthy ONLY. This is not overeating. Why do you feel you do not deserve the goodness in life that you need to thrive and be healthy, because you DOOOO!!!! Cutting healthy, low fat vegan calories is the opposite of health, that mentality is based in propaganda and lies.

        I don’t mean to sound overbearing but I am attempting to put it in your face.

        ****It is impossible to overeat on the foods that fit into this program.*********************************************

        **********You do not need to worry about counting calories except that you get enough, and even then, dont WORRY, just make sure of it.******************************************

        If you eat more of these kind of healthy vegan carbs, it will only cause your metabolism to speed up and the excess will be released from your body with no weight gain!****************

        Don’t worry so much!!! All possible love and blessings!!!!

        • ThimSlick says:

          Wow! That put my mind at ease. I just started today and your comment helped alot.

        • Missionnie says:

          Thank you! This is my first week back as vegan! I did it 2 yrs ago and lost a lot really fast, went back to eating animal products and gained most of the weight back. I am not used to eating unlimited calories anymore, so it feels weird to eat all you want all day. Is there a time limit to consume calories? 2 yrs ago, I wouldn’t eat after 7pm because I was doing the intermitent fasting (16 hours without food) from 7pm to 11am and I would eat all my calories during those hours. But I want to do it different this time. I was just wondering if I should stop eating after a certain time.

    • Samantha says:

      I am curious- how expensive is this diet? It seems like something I’d be willing to try, however, reading all these examples sounds like it would be quite pricy buying all this fresh produce in bulk. 10 bananas just for one morning?! Dang.

      • Raw Till 4 says:

        You have to buy food, no matter how you decide to eat. Some people choose healthy, which may cost more now, but in the long run, your health care costs will be lower. Not to mention, the benefits of actually feeling great, and energetic.

    • Martin S says:

      I’ve been wanting to become a vegan for about 6 months now, when I first attempted to change my current eating habbits I failed miserably, as I wasn’t eating enough and was unfamiliar with the range of plant based food available.

      So I decided to start off with baby steps by slowly changing my eating habbits. Began with removing dairy from my life, replaced butter with sesame seed butter and milk with cocunut, rice and soya milk although it’s a rarity that I bother with dairy products, I also changed my breakfast to be more vegan friendly; oats, fruit, milkshakes etc..

      I then decided that before making any major changes I would get to know my food, places to buy and price cost, so I’ve spent the better half of those 6 months creating an Excel sheet of all the foods I can obtain either online or in local shops as well as poviding translation due to some foods have different names in different countries, I did all of this mainly because I live in a certain part of the UK that for me, is hard to get everything locally grown.

      So, where am I going with this? I noticed a comment regarding price cost and I’ve worked out how much it would cost roughly for 22 large bananas, which is the total amount of bananas in this post, which would be Β£2.04($3.02) in my nearest local store. So yeah, price wise (for me here) this wouldn’t be very costly on a weekly bases. But this would entirely depend on where your from and price of food per kg. Don’t go for prices based per 1 banana, in the local shop it would cost more for a Banana than it would if you buy loose based on weight.

      Anyway,I’m going to try the Rawtill4 Lifestyle (hate the word diet, it’s been dangeriously transformed into a fad), so wish me luck and here’s to a knew me.

    • Lucinda says:

      Are seeds and nuts (not too many) allowed till 4?

      • Raw Till 4 says:

        you can have ONE…..just kidding, nuts and seeds are high in fat. RT4 is all about low fat. You’ll have to avoid them, if you want to live the raw till 4 dream.

    • Alana says:

      Hello, what do you do about protein intake? Does it affect you not to get enough protein? Thank you.

    • dove says:

      what do we do if we are unable to afford this quantity of fruits and vegetables? like instead of 7 bananas for breakfast could it be cut down to like 4?

    • Sarah says:

      Hi was just confused on how exactly eating SO MUCH food can actually help you loose weight? Thanks

    • Rosa says:

      Hi I’m extremely new to this… and I’m wondering how I should be eating. I find it very hard to reach 1000 calories for breakfast because I get full quite easily… so far today for breakfast I had a cup of strawberries, a mango, 2 cups of carrots and two bananas. Which in my opinions sounds like very little only 400 something calories…. I’m afraid I’m under eating…

    • lyza says:

      Hi, I’m new on being vegan. Started last month and everything is going well until today. I completely messed up and ate a pork bbq. I really feel bad about it.

    • Lisa says:

      Can I mix my smoothies in Almond Milk? Or should I stick to water the first 30 days?

    • Rosa says:

      I consume about 90% of my calories from carbs. That means a lot of bananas and dates. Since I register my intake with cronometer.com, I’ve notice that even without consuming any protein whatsoever I still consume over the 10% limit, is that bad? I only eat bananas and dates and other fruits available during the day until 4:00p.m. Then I’ll have a dinner consisting of potatoes and salads. I need to know if it doesn’t matter getting over 10% proteins from fruit??

  1. Katrina says:

    HI just wondering whether you can just eat the fruit and not have to blend it into a smoothie?
    Also can you have a variety of raw foods, eg. mango, strawberries, apple etc.. and for lunch could you have vegetables. I have love salads and sweet potato, I can also eat a lot of food.
    Could I have a vegetable salad and fruit? for lunch and snacks or it is just fruit till 4pm?
    I hope this makes sense haha.

    • Raw Till 4 says:

      You can certainly eat fruit instead of blending it into a smoothie! It’s just hard for most to chew that much food to get enough calories in. You can eat any raw fruits AND veggies you want before 4pm. You just have to make sure you get enough calories in during the day so keep a good record on cronometer.com to make sure you are getting 2,000 calories by 4pm.

      • Amber Hardy says:

        Can you actually lose weight eating this many calories?

        • Raw Till 4 says:

          You sure can! You just have to make sure you follow the guidelines on food types, and of course, no slip ups!

          • Emily says:

            If I had one slip up on the raw til 4 diet a year of not eating raw til four and maybe having a higher fat intake for my birthday would that be okay? Then eat fully raw a day before and a day after to help with my rule break day?

          • Raw Till 4 says:

            If you have only one slip up a year on Raw Till 4, you are the queen of raw till 4! Great job!

        • liz says:

          Remember losing weight also takes time. Something im finally learning to deal with haha

  2. Elin says:

    Hey there, just wondering, do the carbs that you eat through out the day need to be gluten free? For example if i wanted to make those wraps, do i need to find gluten free ones?:)

  3. Sharryn Swanson says:

    On raw till 4 do you have anything in between such as morning tea and arvo tea can you drink herbal tea etc

  4. Taylor Castro says:

    What if you can’t find everything organic? It’s hard to find really anything organic potatoes/fruits around my area.

    • Raw Till 4 says:

      don’t sweat it! Eat organic when you can, but just focus on always eating unprocessed whole foods, and you’ll be fine.

  5. Cillendor says:

    I heard about Raw Till 4 from Freelee the Banana Girl on YouTube. One thing that I can’t figure out is how one can afford this lifestyle. I’m certainly down for giving it a try. I’m tired of being overweight and relying on coffee/Mountain Dew for energy. I truly believe that fruits are the most natural diet choice, supplemented with greens/roots/grains when necessary. But I know with my current income that I cannot afford the amount of fruit that is required.

    Another question is regarding tomatoes: I know that all tomatoes you find in the grocery store are GMOs. Are they okay to eat still, or would you recommend growing your own? My mom grows cherry tomatoes, but they are not nearly plentiful enough to subsidize a meal.


    • Raw Till 4 says:

      Thanks for your inquiry! It’s not too expensive eating raw til 4! for the cost of two starbucks lattes and a mountain dew, you can eat for a day! Check out my post about the raw till 4 cost.

  6. LILY says:

    why is it low on protein though? Does it have to be low on protein? May we include some kale juices in betweem to increase the protein intake w/out actually eating meat? Is it safe to do this lifestyle w/low protein? Thanks πŸ™‚

    • Raw Till 4 says:

      Hi Lily, absolutely you can add Kale juice any time of the day! You’ll get plenty of daily protein if you eat enough calories each day! Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Natalie says:

    Hi I have been following this a few days now and already feel good and alive. My only worry is today on the cronometer I had 2687 calories, 86% carbs, 10% protein and 5% fat. Is this ok?. I didnt see that you werent supposed to eat lentils which is where the protein has come from, will this make me gain weight?, how long till you start seeing results?. also are we allowed a little almond milk? im still on a morning coffee and need to wean off it eventually, hope this wont effect my hard work? x

  8. Natalie says:

    one more question, sorry, if Im still hungry after my cooked dinner am I allowed to have some porridge oats?.Also if I got to the gym do i need to eat more? xx

  9. Swati says:

    Can you tell me the significance of eating raw till 4? I mean, what insted of dinner , I have proper cooked breakfast and then thruout the day i have raw meals?

    • Raw Till 4 says:

      Your body will take longer to process/digest that cooked breakfast, and then cause digestion issues the rest of the day eating raw..

  10. sara says:

    I wonder, that it wouldn’t recommend to attend at the food combining rules (like no bananas & pineapple ##no sweet &sour fruits##
    or no rice/potatoes with tomato sauce….)
    What will happen with indigestion? And gastric and poisoning etc . . . .
    Tnx tnx

    • Raw Till 4 says:

      I don’t worry too much about food combining lists for the most part. Everyone is different and you will discover what should or shouldn’t be combined yourself.

  11. cris says:

    Hi! can I add soy protein (like Total Soy) to my morning smoothie?

    • Raw Till 4 says:

      Per the Raw Till 4 principles, you are ideally aiming for 5% protein intake daily, so if you supplement with soy protein you’ll be well over 5% protein. I personally don’t like soy products but if you can’t live without it, make sure it’s a quality organic product at least.

      • cris says:

        I can definitely live without the soy protein. I’ve noticed I’ve been going thru soda & coffee withdraw as I transition into this lifestyle and thought teas (chamomile, artichoke, orange pekoe, etc.)would help. Is that a good idea or should I just suck it up?

        • Rosa says:

          How can I meet the 5% protein requirement when I eat 12 bananas and 18 dates daily and according to Cronometer.com I exceed to almost 50% of protein. What the fruit? If I could upload the screenshot I could prove you wrong. When eating mostly 90% of my calories from fruit I’m getting way more protein than the 5% limit you established on a RT4 lifestyle. Please explain me this and if there are differences between fruit proteins and soy protein for example. And how can eat as much fruit as I want without exceeding the 5% limit, because in my experience that’s has not been the case. Please answer me when you can, it’s very important.

  12. Ash says:


    I’ve been doing raw till 4 exactly as planned for about 3 weeks now- I love it! I started to notice my hair and skin feeling dry and dull. I happen to live with a registered dietitian and she suggested it might be because of my lack of fats. She suggested I eat a handful of nuts for lunch or dinner.

    What do you think about me adding this to the meal plan?


  13. Leatriana says:

    Can you drink coffee???

    • Raw Till 4 says:

      The hard core Raw Till 4 folks would tell you NO! But, I’ll admit, I still drink a cup a day. I used to need 3 cups a day, and I could certainly give it up now, but a refuse to.

  14. Bonnie says:

    Can you microwave your potatoes or does it have to steam

  15. Vicky says:

    Hi. I am starting the rawtill4 lifestyle tomorrow and wondered, can you have less calories for your breakfast and lunch and snack on fruit in between to make up? Hope that makes sense. Thanks.

  16. Russ Salo says:

    Hello -question about sunflower Seeds -or nuts in general – are they on the plan at all -I eat the Raw diet all day & find bedtime the weakest time where I would stray to a cookie -sunflower seeds seem to work – I have not tried dates –have tried bananas -seem to help –lotsa love from Ottawa!!

  17. chantel says:

    Where can I get the rest of the diet plan. It stops at Day 3 Breakfast??

  18. Luis Pacheco says:

    Hey freelee, thanks for answering, what do you think about PAPAYAS, GUAVAS and TANGERINES, since im from venezuela and i don’t have dates, and i’d like to know what do you think about mono mealing any of those 3 fruits i gave u.

  19. Judith says:

    Hey, im a teenage vegetarian, and ive been wanting to go for rt4 for quite a while now. I’m currently in HS so if i bring 10 bananas to school- they will get brown. Do you have any storage tips or perhaps other food options? Thanks πŸ™‚

  20. Melissa says:

    Hi freelee. I first wanna say thank you, your videos are what exposed and essentially got me interested in the lifestyle. My boyfriend and I have both over the past 5 months cut out meat and most dairy products and are starting the 80/10/10 lifestyle tomorrow.
    I have spent most of my teen life trying to lose weight I gained excessively as a child. My boyfriend on the other hand has spent his teen and adult life trying to gain some “size” /muscle mass. He loves the idea of the raw till 4 lifestyle and has decided to give it a go to change his life. I know one of his concerns though is his size. He weighs about 52kg and is about 6 foot. He’s recently Lost alot of weight for numerous reasons mainly not eating enough because of his busy lifestyle. no excuses though but do u think the increase of calories of the right kind ie the raw till four lifestyle, will help him to get to a natural healthy weight?
    Please help if you can.
    One fruit bat to another

    • Raw Till 4 says:

      Short answer, yes! As long as he adheres to the raw till 4 guidelines, he can just wolf down as much food as possible.

  21. emilie says:

    I feel tired from 1030am – 2pm. I nurse my breakfast shake in the morning over about a hour since it is so large. so im done it by 9/930am usually i drink water after that. lunch is usually at 1230 while at work. should i be eating in between since im crashing or is it just detoxing symptoms? i am on day 4.

    • Raw Till 4 says:

      It’s hard to say what’s going on without knowing how many calories you are getting in that morning shake. But given day 4, it certainly could be a case of the detox. Try some snacks, such as a banana or three to see if that helps.

  22. ms.Dream says:

    Hey, I want to start this Diet.. If I stop this kind of eating after a month or two, will I gain the weight back>??

  23. Danni says:

    I’ve been flirting with raw till four for a few months, I haven’t fully committed because I’m nursing. Not exactly sure how to ask my question because most of the time people just say talk to your doctor first, but i don’t think they would have any idea wth I’m talking about. So my question is, in your opinion, is this a safe diet for a nursing mum, or should I wait until my LO older and weened.

  24. Tahnie Duffy says:

    Hey Freelee I’m really interested in this life style and want to commit though as a huge sweet tooth I’m curious as to how to combat or substitute those chocolate cravings

  25. liviyo says:

    I’m just wondering, what are the risks of hyponatremia like on this lifestyle, due to low salt intake and very high water intake?

    • Raw Till 4 says:

      I’m no doctor so I couldn’t quantify the risks of hyponatremia on raw till 4, but I’m guessing it’s extremely close to zero, and quite possibly exactly zero. I’ve never heard or seen anyone complain of this.

  26. Heather says:

    I want to begin this lifestyle, however, my fiance isn’t into fitness or eating healthy, so there will be junk food in the house. How can I refrain from eating what he eats and stick to raw till 4? Also, what do I do if I’m at a family dinner and there are little to no vegan choices?

    • Raw Till 4 says:

      Hi Heather, it sounds like you may not be ready to begin this lifestyle, if you’re worried about what others are eating. It’s all about you and making a choice. You just need to be fully committed otherwise you’ll be destined for failure on this program.

  27. tamara says:

    I work in a unique environment where I literarlly get out of bed and am on my feet working within 10 minutes. I have read that I should work out before I eat breakfast but that doesn’t really work at this time. I am also in training for a marathon so I run a lot. The question is: can I have small pre-breakfast of a few banana’s, then do my morning run and have my “main” breakfast after the run? Will this interfere with the raw plan?

    • Raw Till 4 says:

      Hi Tamara, you sound like a busy girl! There is no problem with your pre breakfast and then a main breakfast, as long as they are both raw! Good luck with your marathon training! Be sure to let me know how you make out!

  28. erika says:

    Onde question…can i eat nuts? If i get hungry between the meals, i eat fruit or van i eat some nut?

    • Raw Till 4 says:

      nuts are not recommended by Freelee on raw till 4. Overt fats are not allowed in this lifestyle. that being said, once I got in a groove on this diet, I have had VERY small portions of sunflower seeds occasionally!

      • kat says:

        So no omga fats for you then? I believe one should get all the nutriets and vitamins everyday. PROMISE ill pick up weight and get sooo fat eating this much PLUS how the hell does a milkshake full you up till lunch time??! Impossible. I see theres no snacks. Only fruit and smoothies, it wont keep me full,satisfied.

        • Raw Till 4 says:

          yep, Kat, I get the feeling you don’t need to be here. I won’t judge your lifestyle, don’t judge mine.

  29. Alyssa says:

    I know that the body needs at least 50 grams of fat a day to regulate hormones – women should consume higher amounts of fat then men. How many grams of fat do you get on raw til 4?

    • Raw Till 4 says:

      Do you have a link to the medical study that found that you need at least 50 grams of fat per day to regulate hormones? I would like to give it a read. I get about 20 grams of fat per day on raw til 4.

  30. Luciana says:

    Today was my first day of the RT4 diet plan and I decided I would eat 6 mangos for lunch, but after the 2nd one I felt very full. Is it absolutely required to have an abundance of food, or can I just eat until I’m full? cheers

    • Raw Till 4 says:

      You should always strive to get the required calories, but it can be tough when first starting out. Maybe spread out those mangoes over a few hours.

  31. Elisa says:

    I would really like to try it. I’m a vegan. But won’t this make me gain weight? I’m always struggling with weight..
    Thank you

    • Raw Till 4 says:

      Hi Elisa, I can’t say whether you’ll gain weight or not, as I don’t know you or your background. I can say from my experience eating raw till 4 absolutely 100% religiously, that I lost weight, kept it off, and have huge amounts of energy. It’s all about commitment.

  32. Cheryl says:

    I just began this type of life style 3 days ago to cleanse because I was having skin issues, joint issues, etc. So I decided to do a 40 day fruit only cleanse and try to figure out what food was the trigger. I love fruit and the fact that I can eat all I want is amazing. I have been reading about frugivore and frutarian diets which restrict certain foods from being eaten together. Is the RT4 the same way? I can see me eating this way for the rest of my life. Im also glad there is a place for potatoes. Looking forward to this new journey and excited.If I lose weight great but that is not my only goal.

  33. rachel says:

    is this good for a recovering anorexic…. I’m supposed o have a lot of protein in my diet too so wouldi be able to add whey to my smoothies?

  34. audrey says:

    I really want to try this…i do tend to starve most days…not on purpose but because ive had 4 reconstructive stomach surgeries and eating too much at once makes me incredibly sick. Thats my fear with this seeing as you have to eat everything in bulk. Is there anyway yo work up to this or a more cobdensed way to get the cals in so i dont destroy myself?

    • Raw Till 4 says:

      Doesn’t sound like this would be a good lifestyle for you. You have to eat a lot to get enough calories in each day.

  35. Te says:

    Hi there,
    This is my first day starting tis lifestyle and I’m a little concerned about my percentages in the cron-o-meter
    its showing 261% at 339grams carbs 29%at 18.9grams fat and 38% at 17.4grams of protein but i don’t understand how the percentages are up like that? its only been greens and fruit so far. Dates, bananas, a custard apple or whatever that fruit is called, grapes, passionfruit, berries and figs and five brazils nuts that i ill keep through this program for selenium which we no longer get in our soil. can you tell me if i need to change a setting because the percentages for fat and protein shouldn’t be so high?
    thanks πŸ™‚

    • Raw Till 4 says:

      You can change your Dynamic Macronutrient Targets in cronometer under your daily breakdown in the diary, there is a little gear icon for settings. go in and change it to a custom or there is a preset one for LFRV/30 bananas a day which is a 1:8:1 ratio of Protein:Carb:Fats

  36. Riley says:

    I want to try this diet but I am afraid that I will gain more weight than I lose. Can you assure me that this will not happen?

    • Raw Till 4 says:

      Short answer. NO. Slightly longer answer: I don’t know you, your motivations, your past eating habits, your level of discipline, whether your an alcoholic, a revisionist, etc. etc. You see my point?

  37. Emma says:

    The cooked dinners, I see its recommended to have potatoes, rice or pasta, what about porridge? (For years I’ve cooked the rolled oats just with water, it’s hard enough not having it for breakfast πŸ˜› !!!) Apart from it not really going well with greens, is there another reason it wouldn’t work?

    • Raw Till 4 says:

      I don’t believe they are forbidden, though their nutrient content is sorely lacking. But then what are you going to add to them to make them edible? Milk? nope. Sugar? Maybe a little coco sugar. It’s just not worth it, to me. But each to their own!

  38. Grace says:

    I can’t see eating 2 lbs of potatoes, I’m really scared to try this, unless I’ve seen some real pics of results.

    • Raw Till 4 says:

      Have you heard of Google? If not, the address is google.com. On that little site, you can type a search string, say, “raw till 4 before and after pictures” . It will search the whole world wide web and then list a bunch of links that are related to before and after pics of raw till 4 people. Give that a try and see what happens!

  39. Reilly says:

    I’m interested in transitioning to this lifestyle, but I am attending college in the fall as a freshman. Any tips for staying rawtil4 / LFRV and resisting temptation? I’ve struggled with binge eating and weight gain my whole life and am trying to tackle it head on and better myself.. I REFUSE TO FALL VICTIM TO THE FRESHMAN 15..20..25..

    • Raw Till 4 says:

      That will be a tough hill to climb. Are you in a dorm with a cafeteria or are you living in a private home? I really have no tips for you, other than STICK TO YOUR GUNS! And if you slip, don’t beat yourself up about it, just move on and get back on track.

  40. Emma says:


    I started this prog 2 days ago. At the moment I am struggling to get in enough calories, but it has only been 2 days and I just need to readjust – my percentages are right -just my calories are under.
    Anyway, I was just wondering your opinions on the following:

    – Bee Pollen
    – Chia Seeds
    – Goji Berries
    – Sunwarrior Raw Protein

    I have been a raw til 4 vegan for a while now but I decided to take this step as I feel that I eat too much fat and I am not as ‘cut’ as I would like to be (and I train pretty hard). The above foods were pretty staple to me…just wondering if i should remove them completely or if I can have them every once in a while.

    Thanks, and go you for replying to every comment!


    • Raw Till 4 says:

      Hi Emma,

      I really can’t tell you what to eat, it’s up to you to read the guidelines and decide for yourself what you want to do! hint: I don’t think you’ll find these supplements in the raw till 4 principles. πŸ™‚

  41. Sarah says:

    I wonder about food combining? When I first did raw till 4 a few years ago, Freelee and Princess Neet told me I was having dizzy spells and stomach cramping because I was mixing strawberries and bananas. I was eating everything else within the guidelines and had a diary on their facebook group. Now this is using pineapple/oranges to mix with bananas? Can someone explain? They used to stress how important food combining was.

    • Raw Till 4 says:

      Every BODY is different, you just need to figure out what works for your’s. Some can eat things together some can’t

  42. Oksana says:

    Hey! I’m just wondering could I split the food into 5 meals instead of 3? My stomach is not used to the amount of food and has been very sore and bloated the last few days…

  43. Natasha says:

    Hi πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the inspirational post, I’ve just started eating fully raw! :))
    My question is the following (I hope it’s not inappropriate I don’t know who else I should ask…) So I am on vegan diet for about a month. I have so much energy, I feel happy, etc, but the “cleansing” period hasn’t stopped yet. I need to go to bathroom twice a day and it’s pretty…mmmh watery. I am also on pill (I knooow, I just can’t stop it because of my menorrhagia) so I am afraid it doesn’t stay in there long enough.
    Have you experienced this? When will it stop?
    Do you think I am not protected anymore?


  44. Lydia says:

    Why do you have to eat gluten free pasta?

    • Raw Till 4 says:

      Freelee recommends gluten free in raw till 4 guidelines, but I’ll let you in on a little secret…..shhhhh. I still eat regular pasta on occasion because I’m not gluten sensitive and because it is so friggin delicious.

  45. Msssyr says:

    i have been eating raw till 4 last 2 weeks. Δ° know 2 weeks is not long enough to wait results but i am really concerned about my weight since i have been yoyo dieting for years and 3 years ago calorie restricting with a dietician,low carb diets for a month this year…and every one around me just comments on the number of bananas i eat a day,the big rice bowl i eat in dinner time and including my family everyone is trying to tell that i will gain weight so soon.there is no change in my weight that may be ok but i am so afraid of gaining weight..

  46. Gabby says:

    Hi! how many times a day do you eat? three, four, five? and every how much hours?

  47. Ally says:

    Is this diet okay for teenagers? If so, how many calories should teen girls take? Thank you.

    • Raw Till 4 says:

      Like anyone, teens should consult a professional before embarking on any major lifestyle/nutritional change.

  48. Mattie says:

    Hi, I’m 17 and have been looking into eating green and clean for a while now and I’m still not too sure about going 100% vegan yet. I guess you could say my goal right now is to be vegetarian but with vegan-like aspects. I love this rawtill4 diet but I’m skeptical about where protein comes from. If this diet is low in fat and nuts aren’t really encouraged then where else would the protein we need come from? I also play volleyball and have recently gone through my third concussion and neck injury (idk if that has really any relevance)

  49. RS says:

    what vegetables are prohibited? avocados? carrots? onions? zucchini? pumpkin?
    what about garlic or onion powder? spices?

  50. Michelle Briggs says:

    My niece has shown much success with Raw Till 4, and I am considering this lifestyle. Ideally, I need to loose 90 pounds. My concern is that this lifestyle is high in Carbs and low in protein. Does eating that much carbs mean carbs converting to sugar, thus weight gain???(at least that is what the high protein, less carb diets say). Does Raw Till 4 enhance the good/bad bacteria balance in the gut? How do we get our protein? Are supplements recommended, such as Omega 3 and Calcium?

    • Mattie says:

      Hi Michelle, i’m no doctor but i can tell you just by being on this diet for only a few weeks it has changed my life. I was skeptical like you but we can get all of our nutrition from the raw foods. I will say i was a little skeptical about the low protein intake so i actually found something called “Raw meal” by Garden of life. it is 100% organic and vegan with all the “rawtill4” principles. I put one tbsp or tsp in my smoothie every morning or even twice a day and i’m still maintaining my carb intake as well as adding a bit more protein. Some die hard rawtill4 guys might say im doing this lifestyle wrong but it works for me! I also supplement with vitamins such as magnesium, B vitamins and D vitamins, as well as a multi vitamin (mom has me on ’em). After being on this new diet for only a few weeks i’ve lost the unnecessary fat off my body and i have more energy.

  51. Ally says:

    Hi, I’m 17 and have just started the raw till 4 diet but I’m having problem with reaching 2500 calories. I am only get up to 475/600 calories. I know this way to little, but I just feel so full after eating an apple and a half Galia melon for breakfast. Would it be better for me to eat my meals in smoothie form?

    • Raw Till 4 says:

      Wow. That’s very low, you definitely need to up your calories any way you can.

    • Shelby says:

      I’d say give it time. I used to be consuming so very little calories (I was on ADHD meds since I was six, and those DESTROY your appetite.) and it took me a long ass time to be able to consume a high number of calories. Just hang in there!

  52. Felicity says:

    What tips and pointers would you give to a broke college DANCE MAJOR transitioning into this lifestyle also some things about me personally
    *Im 5’5 170lbs female always been heavier but still muscular/athletic
    *trying to lose 20 pounds or how ever many pounds my body wants to loose
    *had an eating disorder in highschool which cause weight gain and is still getting deveeloping a comfortable relationship with food
    I am not DESPERATE to get healthy and shed this excess weight…I feel like there is nothing to loose with this plan

  53. Felicity says:

    sorry for the typos I meant I’AM desperate to get healthy and shed excess weight

  54. Stephanie says:

    Could you please explain: From what I’ve read, no sugar for dinner?? I made a stir fry of vegetables, some of them being bell peppers (high sugar) and even added a half cup of coconut sugar to the sauce…is this a no-no or what? Sorry for the newbie question, I just started experimenting with this diet.

  55. ThimSlick says:

    My sister is vegan, so she is fully supportive of me trying this. I just started today, so far, so good. My energy levels were high throughout the day, so that was a nice change of pace. Idk why I didn’t try this sooner. Can wait to see the end results

  56. ChronicalsofChaos says:

    I’ve been working on going to a plant based diet and I’m having trouble getting in that much food. It physically makes me sick. Will this get better over time? Should I go talk to my doctor for monitoring?

    • Raw Till 4 says:

      It does take some time to get used to eating the volume of raw unprocessed plant foods needed to reach your caloric needs! It also never hurts (usually) to speak to your doctor.

  57. Sofia says:

    Are you allowed to eat tofu or pasta for dinner?

  58. taylor says:

    Hello, I struggle with depression and anxiety as many people do. I’m currently transitioning into the vegan lifestyle but I want to try the Raw Till 4 ”diet”. Obviously because I want to do my bit for the earth but also because I really want to manage my mental illnesses in the most natural way possible. I was wondering if there has been much evidence of significant improvements for people who also suffer from mental illness? Thankyou!

  59. LinnΓ©a says:

    I have dinner around 4 pm and workout AFTER dinner, and i’m usually hungry again when i come home. What should i eat? What happens if i eat fruits after 4? I used to eat fruits as nightsnack and didn’t have any problems before i went rt4…

  60. Kylie Amme says:

    Hi, I have spinal injuries and disabilities which severely restrict the amount of incidental exercise I do each day. I do swim most days but was wondering if I need to eat less calories on raw til 4 for successful weight loss? Has anyone been successful eating this way that can’t exercise a lot? Thanks

  61. Isabella says:

    HI, I am new in this lifestyle, and can barely eat all these calories. I donΒ΄t have a blender right now , and I feel stuffed eating only one Banana… ( I am not very hungry for breakfast time tho) Is it going to prevent my weight loss ?? Please help

    • Raw Till 4 says:

      It will take some time to get used to eating the volume of whole foods required to reach your caloric intake goals. One thing that will help make you hungrier is exercise! Get active and you will get hungry.

  62. Vegan says:

    Hello, I have been vegan for a long time and it has been the best decision I ever took. I have put on weight in the past year due to me eating a lot of canned food and having an unstable diet. I want to know if I have to exercise on Raw til 4 ? I don’t intend on counting on exercising at the beginning and am scared to gain more weight than I already have following the caloric intake you recommend.

  63. Peepee the Banana Butt says:

    Dates and bananas, dates and bananas, …

    Like a banana, Freelee’s not a ‘seed-bearing’ human, just a sex toy basically. So remember, you are what you eat, and calories ain’t the main thing. Apples, mandarins, papayas, melons, pears, apricots, figs, berries, grapes, cherries, plums. Heaps of fruit out there you can try, not to mention all the vegetables.

    Don’t limit yourself to the sugar-concentrated shit just ’cause some nut thinks sugar and calories are all that matter in a healthy diet — that kind of thinking is what’s making us sick in the first place … -.-

  64. KJ says:

    I have just started raw till 4 (I am now on day 3). Its not a huge transition for me given my mostly plant based lifestyle but there are some conscious changes I have had to make which will require commitment. I was wondering from anyone that has tried this lifestyle AND maintained it, what are the results I can expect even after 1 week? Increased energy, better sleep, clearer skin etc are already starting to take shape for me but what I really want to know is people’s experience with exercise performance and recovery and fat loss/muscle gain or maintain… Any comments appreciated πŸ™‚ Fruit yourself!

  65. Noah says:

    I’m confused. Do I drink the water and ice together or separately. Please help, I’m really confused.

  66. Sofie Larsen says:

    Hi I was just wondering, on RT4 can u eat raw after your cooked dinner? I also really want to start ratings raw till 4, but unfortunately I am living with my parents who think that I am relapsing into my old eating disorder – this is not the case, I dont want to lose weight on this “diet” I want my body to heal and maybe even gain weight – muscle weight that is. So I cannot start the lifestyle just yet.. But I hope you have a great day!

  67. Vanessa says:

    Hi! So I’ve began my raw till 4 journey. It’s going great so far. I just have some questions about the breakdown of the macros: I usually average 88% carbs (480-490g), 4% fat (10g) and 8% protein (44g). And somewhere between 2000 and 2100 calories. Does this sound ok?

  68. Nicole says:

    Hi there,

    I still cannot get the logic behind the fact that so many calories are neccessary – yes, raw foods are less dense and we need to eat larger amounts of them, but in the end we still have our standard metabolic rate and if our intake exceeds it – we gain weight, right!? So why striving for so many more kcals than our standard rate actually demands?

  69. Nadirah pearl says:

    Im breastfeeding 3month old baby.can i take dat rawtill4diet plan???

  70. Mia says:

    Hi there
    I would just like to share my expierence with raw til 4. About a year and a half ago I transitioned from a vegetarian diet to raw til 4 vegan. I went from being 65kg and constantly feeling bloated and tired to 56kg and full of energy. (I’m 165cm)
    This lifestyle is amazing and I would totally recommend it! In the beginning I found it very hard eating such large amounts of food but you get used to it quickly. None of my friends could understand how I lost so much weight while still eating the amount of food I do. I even went back to a normal vegan diet for a while to see if I would gain everything back but the weight stayed off. Basically I just wanted to say that you don’t have to be worried about gaining weight, the only thing you will gain from this diet is energy and health.

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