What I Ate on Raw Till 4 on June 17 2014

Hello, ladies and gentlemen!  I decided it might be helpful for newbies, and veterans alike, to see exactly what I eat on raw till 4 lifestyle in one day.  In this case, yesterday, Tuesday June 17, 2014

I strive to get 3000 calories minimum each day.  I know I can eat more than that, but I find 3,000 – 3,400 calories makes ME feel MY best.  I capitalized the ME and MY to make sure you all realize that everyone is different and everyone will want to figure out the caloric intake that makes you feel best.

I find if I eat more than 3500 calories on raw till 4 I feel bloated and a little lethargic.  If I eat 2800 calories or less, I get super tired and a headache.  So 3,000 to 3,400 per day is my sweet spot.  This can change depending on how much exercise I get in that day too.  And to break it down even more, just as the Raw Till 4 principles specify, I feel best when I get about 2100 calories in by 4pm.

It’s not hard to get 2100 calories in for breakfast and lunch, if you like banana smoothies and dateorade, that is!  Lucky for me I do LOVE banana smoothies, and I have grown to like datorade a lot.  It’s so quick and easy to gulp down a 14 or 15 date smoothie in one glass.

Anyhoo, here is a screenshot of my cronometer account for what I ate on raw till 4 for June 17, 2014:

What I Ate on Raw Till 4

***You can click on the photo to enlarge for easier reading


As you can see, on this particular day I hit 3,057 calories, right at my sweet spot really.  I didn’t exercise during this day, other than a brisk 3/4 mile walk with my little yorkie, so I was at the low end of my goal.  I usually eat a lot more bananas in a day, but I was short on time due to a massage appointment so wolfed down a glass of 14 dates dateorade that I added a couple of bananas to as I like a creamier dateorade.

So on this date, my nutrient breakdown was pretty extreme, I’m usually better at balancing things out.  My carbs made up 93.3% of my calories, protein was 4.8%, while fat was a measly 1.9%.  To be honest, I usually add a couple tablespoons of hemp seed in my morning smoothie, to add a bit of protein and healthy fats to my totals.  Oops, I forgot this day.

Here’s the nutritional breakdown for the day:


As you can see above, you can get all your vitamins just fine on Raw Till 4, except for B12, vitamin D and Vitamin E.  I do take a calcium supplement that includes vitamin D so I have that covered.  I also have started taking a sublingual B12 supplement once a week to make sure I don’t develop a B12 deficiency living the raw till 4 life.  More on these supplements in another update.

You have to take the cronometer numbers with a grain of salt. They are not going to be 100% correct all the time as some of the foods stats listed there are just plain wrong.

So that’s one day in the life of a raw till 4 diet.  Any questions?  Be sure to carb the fck up!

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