Big Smoothie Bottles For Big Raw Till 4 Smoothies

It’s well known in the Raw Till 4 community that smoothies are the quickest, easiest, AND tastiest way to get a 1,000 calorie meal in to your body.  Of course a 1,000 calorie banana smoothie can be very BIG, as in 50 – 64 ounces big.  So it’s no surprise that people are always asking what kind of big smoothie bottle do I use to drink those big Raw Till 4 smoothies?

Well, when I’m at home I just keep pouring more smoothie out of my vitamix jar into a 16 oz glass, until it’s all gone.  That was easy.  But, I work from home so that’s no problem.  What if you want to take that massive smoothie, or even a second one for lunch?  Well then you need a really BIG smoothie bottle!

There are all kinds of big bottles out there.  I’m talking 64 oz mason jars to one gallon jugs. What ever works for you really.  The only thing to consider is make sure it’s BPA free!

In my experience, if you want a 1,000 calorie smoothie you need at least a 2 liter bottle (roughly 64 oz, the size of your vitamix jug).

So here are some options for big smoothie jars and bottles:

BPA Free Plastic Big Smoothie Bottles

2 litre plastic smoothie bottlePlastic is the way I roll when it comes to big smoothie bottles.  They are light, cheap, and they come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes.  I love the 2.2 liter Eastar resin bottle, as it is super cheap, and super light.  The opening could be a little bigger but you get used to it.  In fact, I believe Freelee uses this very bottle in her videos.

You can get it on Amazon for $9.20 and free shipping if you add it to your order over $35.  While I do like it, I do have to say I don’t like the fact that it is made in China.  It’s one of those things you worry about in the back of you mind.  You really just don’t know for sure if in fact it is BPA free. Kind of like you don’t know if the meat is old, repackaged and dated, at a Chinese McDonald’s, you know what I mean?  But the price is right, and who isn’t on a budget?  Got to save my money for all those fruits!

Some people complain that these bottles split at the seam, but I’ve never had any trouble with mine in over a year.  I’m guessing they drop them occasionally or their kids are playing soccer with them.

These are actually fairly easy to clean, though not as easy as the mason jars, below.


Stainless Steel Big Smoothie Bottles

I also have a 64 ounce stainless steel smoothie bottle, which obviously alleviates any BPA concerns!  The brand name is Klean Kanteen, and they call it a wide mouth water bottle.  I’m not sure why they think 2 inches is a wide mouth, but again, you get used to it.

I’m not a super big fan of the Klean Kanteen from a taste standpoint.  It could be a mental thing, but I just don’t enjoy water or smoothies out of stainless steel bottle.  But I do suck it up when I know I need something a bit more sturdy than plastic or glass.

You can check out this one here. It’s a little pricey at $36.99.


Mason Jars

one gallon mason jarSome people like glass mason jars, as you definitely don’t have worry about BPA’s, and they look cool, especially if they have a handle.   They come in a variety of sizes including pints, quarts, and even a gallon.  A gallon sized mason jar is great for for the really big smoothie to take to work.  However, that thing weighs three and half pounds!  You’re going to get great nutrition AND a great workout lifting that thing up to your mouth.

If glass Mason jars are your thing, then just head over to Amazon and search for large mason jar.  You’ll find a bunch of different styles at great prices. That one gallon Ball 125 th anniversary mason jar is only 20 bucks!

If you can handle the hefty weight, Mason jars are perfect for smoothies, as they have the wide mouth, a great tight fitting lid for no spills, and are super easy to wash up after it’s dried and caked on all day long at work!

Besides the weight, the only other real downside to Mason jars, is they breakable, as in you drop it you’ll be cleaning up not only your gooey, delicious smoothie, but also thousands of shard of glass.  Not fun.  While I like the aesthetics of Mason jars, I’m really not a fan of carrying around a heavy breakable glass.

It doesn’t matter what kind of big smoothie bottle you choose, we’re not here to judge.  Just make sure it’s big enough to hold all that fruity goodness!

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  1. Tommy D. says:

    I have found the BallĀ® 32oz Wide Mouth Mason Jars (67000) – 12 Pack for 13.99 on ace hardware… Or you can buy BallĀ® 64oz Wide Mouth Mason Jars (68100) – 6 Pack for 12.99…. Hope this helps out.

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