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Big Smoothie Bottles For Big Raw Till 4 Smoothies

It’s well known in the Raw Till 4 community that smoothies are the quickest, easiest, AND tastiest way to get a 1,000 calorie meal in to your body.  Of course a 1,000 calorie banana smoothie can be very BIG, as

What To Eat on Raw Till 4: July 8, 2014

It’s that time again to show you what I eat while living the raw till 4 life.  This time I’ll show you Tuesday July 8, 2014, which will really show you how basic and easy it is to live and thrive

What I Ate on Raw Till 4 on June 17 2014

Hello, ladies and gentlemen!  I decided it might be helpful for newbies, and veterans alike, to see exactly what I eat on raw till 4 lifestyle in one day.  In this case, yesterday, Tuesday June 17, 2014 I strive to

Is Eating Raw Till 4 Expensive?

I see a lot of talk, and get a lot of questions from others, saying that eating raw till 4 is expensive.  This is one of those questions that makes me shake my head.  Eating raw fruit shouldn’t be any

Cutting Out Salt On Raw Till 4

Everyday, someone asks me “is it possible to go without salt on raw till 4?”  The good news is the answer is YES! But what’s the best way to cut out the salt? Like many others out there, I initially

Can You Gain Weight On Raw Till 4?

The question of initial weight gain on Raw Till 4 comes up VERY often on Facebook and internet forums everywhere.  It seems a lot of people gain weight initially, and they panic.  Even after 1 or 2 days of trying