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New Raw Till 4 Smoothie Just Peachy Banana Smoothie

Mid August through September in the North East United States is prime time for fresh and juicy peaches.  So for the past couple weeks my go to breakfast Raw till 4 smoothie has been my aptly named Just Peachy Banana

Raw Till 4 Oil Free Sweet Potato Soup

So my latest food love affair living the Raw Till 4 lifestyle is Sweet Potato soup.  This sweet potato soup is totally raw till 4 approved!  No Oil, Low Sodium, No processed foods, very few ingredients, very little prep time,

Vegan Gravy – Mushrooms and Broth

It’s a new week, so time for a new Raw Till 4 recipe!  One of the challenges (for some) in living this lifestyle is the redundant food choices.  I’ve talked about this before, I am very lucky in that I

Freelee’s Sweet Chili Sauce Recipe Is Amazing

    When I first started trying out the Raw Till 4 lifestyle, my only challenge was eating potatoes, and of course, eating A LOT of potatoes.  The old fat me had no trouble eating one big baker loaded with

Favorite Raw Till 4 Recipe: Banana Date Smoothie

One of the things I love about Raw Till 4 is the simplicity of eating. Yes, you have to eat a lot of calories, and it can be a challenge to eat all you should each day.  It’s a challenge