What To Eat on Raw Till 4: July 8, 2014

It’s that time again to show you what I eat while living the raw till 4 life.  This time I’ll show you Tuesday July 8, 2014, which will really show you how basic and easy it is to live and thrive on Raw Till 4.

You can’t get too much simpler than my meal plan for yesterday.  Though I gotta tell you, I spend way too much time in the kitchen at dinner time.  Not just because of my meals, but because I’m also cooking the typical animal based SAD diet for my spouse and mother in law while I’m preparing mine.

Anyhoo, I decided to eat watermelon every morning this week, so I started out with 600 grams of watermelon.  Then it’s smoothie heaven until 4pm.  I wait about 45 minutes after the watermelon and then make my fave banana and pineapple smoothie. It is so refreshing and delicious.  I add a lot of ice and water to make it cold and not too thick.

Next smoothie in the afternoon is, you guessed it, bananas!  This time I added a couple dates and some coconut sugar to add some more calories.  This one, I didn’t add enough ice or water too, so it was a little less enjoyable.  None the less, I managed to get it all down over the course of an hour.

After all that, and a quick 2 mile run, I felt like I needed a little calorie boost, so I dusted off my juicer and made an apple, carrot, ginger juice.  This is my all time favorite juice and it perked me up quite nicely until I could make myself a big leafy salad.

So here’s a snapshot of all I ate on Raw Till 4 July 8, 2014:




Since I had decided to have my tasty baked french fries, I needed to make Freelee’s fat free, salt free sweet chili sauce to dip said fries in.  By the way, I forgot to add that to my list of things I ate, but it really wouldn’t make that much of a difference to my overall calories or nutrients.  While baking the fries I made a big mixed greens bowl with tomatoes and oil free, salt free raspberry vinaigrette dressing and wolfed it down.

Then I wrapped my fries in big leafs of lettuce, dipped it in the sweet chili sauce, and inhaled my two pounds of potatoes in no time.

I felt great the entire day, and I think it’s because my meals were very simple, quick to digest, foods.  These are the kind of raw till 4 meals I like best.  At the end of the day, I had no cravings, and felt very satisfied.  In fact, I never go to bed feeling hungry and I eat dinner around 7:30 pm and go to bed at 11 pm.

Here’s the cronometer nutritional breakdown of my raw till 4 meals:




So my macro nutrient breakdown on this day was Carbohydrates 93%, Protein 4.9%, and Fat 2.1%.  Some nutrient notes:

My sodium intake was pretty low at 385 mg.  The less salt I have the better I feel, and it’s always great to get under 500 mg of sodium each day.

My protein was slightly below my goal, but a few more bananas would take that over the top I think.  But overall I’m happy with those numbers.


Calcium is low (for all vegans).  I take calcium supplements daily to help with this.

Vitamin D is zero!?  The calcium supplements include D3.  I also try to sit in the sun on the deck for 20 – 30 minutes each day.

Vitamin E is low, as usual.  I need to do some research on what I can add to my meal plans that are higher in Vitamin E.

B12 is zero.  This is standard operating procedure for vegans.  I take 5000 mcg of methylcobalmin B12 on a weekly basis.

Omegas are lacking:  I do add in hemp seeds to my smoothies on occasion, today was not one of those days.  They add a good amount of omega 3 and 6.  I just don’t like to add that fat every day.

So that’s what I ate on raw till 4 on July 8, 2014.  As always let me know your feedback, questions, advice, or complaints!

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  1. nicola says:

    At what time of day do you dinner? Do you fast after dinner till morning?

    • Raw Till 4 says:

      Everyone’s dinner is at whatever time they want to eat dinner. The only takeaway is that dinner is your last meal of the day.

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