Freelee’s Sweet Chili Sauce Recipe Is Amazing



When I first started trying out the Raw Till 4 lifestyle, my only challenge was eating potatoes, and of course, eating A LOT of potatoes.  The old fat me had no trouble eating one big baker loaded with full fat sou
r cream and drowning in butter.  But on RT4, potatoes were boring, boring, BORING.  Then I discovered Freelee’s Sweet Chili Sauce (low salt!) recipe video.

Freelee’s sweet chili sauce is the stuff of legend.  No salt, no oil, no vinegar.  I mean I was skeptical when I heard about it, but kept an open mind and decided, if I want to continue eating potatoes, I’m going need to give this chili sauce a try.  I was blown away.  So simple, and so delicious.

I’m not averse to spicy stuff, but that first batch I made, while delicious, was far too spicy for my tongue.  So for subsequent batches, I had to remove some of the chili seeds to cut the heat back a little.  So here it is:

freelee sweet chili sauce no salt no oil no vinegar

My Personal Best Sweet Chili Sauce

Freelee’s Sweet Chili Sauce Recipe

  • 3 Large Red Chilis
  • 2 or 3 Green Onions
  • 1/2 Cup Organic Coconut Sugar
  • 1/4 cup Water
  • 1/4 cup of Lemon juice

Chop up the red chili’s including the seeds for hot, throwing some seeds out for not as hot.  Put chilis, coconut sugar, and water into sauce pan and cook on medium and stir constantly.  Watch closely so as not to burn the sugar.  I find 5 minutes will do fine.  Then add the green onions, and the lemon sauce.  Turn up the heat a bit and get it simmering and reducing a little.  I do this for 5 minutes.

Then, pop in the fridge to cool down a while before eating.

This sweet chili sauce is so good, I could literally drink it….but I don’t.

freelee sweet chili sauce recipe card for raw till 4

How To Cook Your Potatoes Raw Till 4 Style

I use organic white potatoes.  I cut them up into wedges/fries and then boil the potatoes for about 7 minutes.  Then, lay the fries on a couple baking sheets lined with parchment paper.  Baking the potatoes with parchment paper really helps get the fries crispy.  No oil, no salt, yet still delicious and crispy.  I also sprinkle rosemary on them.

Then you bake them at 425 F for 25 minutes or so, and then flip them over, and cook another 20 to 25 minutes.  I sometimes have to crank on the HI broil for a few minutes to crisp them up a bit more, but BE CAREFUL!  You can burn those spuds beyond recognition if you don’t watch them like a hawk.

So now you have some tasty taters baked and ready to eat with the insanely delicious sweet chili sauce.  Wrap up a few potatoe wedges with a lettuce leaf, dip it in Freelee’s amazing sweet chili sauce and enjoy your super carb raw till 4 dinner!


14 Responses to Freelee’s Sweet Chili Sauce Recipe Is Amazing

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  3. Patricia says:

    Amazing recipe! I crave this sauce now!

  4. Natalee says:

    Please add some more receipes

  5. Leah says:

    How long would this sauce last in the fridge ? x

    • Raw Till 4 says:

      I usually eat it so fast I don’t have to worry about it, but I’m guessing 5 days would be fine.

      • Trisha H says:

        I have made the cooked virgin you have on YouTube and tha one is amazing or even more amazing! I like it warm and I have made it with sweet peppers since I didn’t have chilli peppers just added some red crushed peppers. Yum.
        Freelee I have tried to be creative but could you please post more recipes that envolved wraps or a curry sauce if some kind. Thanks

  6. Lisa Michelle says:

    I tried this sauce and OMG so yummy! I put it on pasta, on veggies (salads) you name it… it goes with almost everything! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  7. Tamra says:

    Would love to see more cooked menu ideas….carbs have been a no-no for so long that I am working at re-thinking their importance. What a freeing concept that I can eat as much as my body wants but just have to educate myself on what the right food choices are. THAT is where recipes come in handy!!!

  8. Harry says:

    I thought the acid in the lemon wouldn’t mix with te starch in potatoes, as per her food combining chart? And how does the coconut sugar mix with that too?

    • Raw Till 4 says:

      It’s not a ton of lemon, and food combining is not a one size fits all thing. Every body is different and reacts differently to various foods. I would just give the recipe a try and see how it affects you. It’s SO delicious, it is worth the limited risk and time.

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