New Raw Till 4 Smoothie Just Peachy Banana Smoothie

Mid August through September in the North East United States is prime time for fresh and juicy peaches.  So for the past couple weeks my go to breakfast Raw till 4 smoothie has been my aptly named Just Peachy Banana Smoothie. It’s quick and simple to make, it’s packed full of delicious and nutritious carbs, and is very refreshing.

If you’ve got a local farmers market near you  in peach country, I highly recommend you give this raw till 4 smoothie a try!  Here’s all you need to give it a try:


7 Large Bananas (Organic if you can!)

2 Large Peaches (farm fresh if you can)

1- 2 cups of organic spinach (this can be optional if your stomach doesn’t agree with combining greens and fruit)

Optional: 1 -2 tablespoons of organic coconut sugar (for that extra sweet smoothie)

banana peach smoohie in glass raw till 4


Be sure to remove the pit from the peaches, and optionally, remove the skin ( I prefer no skin).

Add peeled bananas, peaches, spinach, and coconut sugar to your Vitamix blender or your blender of choice.  Then add .5 to 1 liter of cold water, and 10 – 12 or so ice cubes.  Put the lid on the blender, and blend on high until smooth.  It usually takes 30 – 45 seconds for best results.  Add more water if you like it super runny, less water if you like it THICK!

Voila!  You are ready to gulp down that beautiful, sweet, green raw till 4 smoothie!  The fresh peach makes this drink absolutely delicious.  But that’s not all.  It’s also very nutritious, naturally.  Here’s the nutritional info for my Raw till 4 Just Peachy Banana smoothie:

Calories: 900

Protein: 13.9 grams

Carbohydrates: 224 grams

Fat: 3.8 grams

Here’s my handy dandy Raw till 4 meal plan card:

banana peach smoothie raw till 4 meal


Looking at the vitamins and minerals, here are some of the ones maxing out or getting close to the daily requirements:

Vitamin B6: 249%

Vitamin C: 124%

Vitamin K: 252%

Vitamin B5: 67%

Vitamin B2: 63%

Copper: 107%

Manganese: 130%

Potassium: 84%



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