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Raw Till 4 Watermelon Breakfast

One of the things I love about eating Raw Till 4 is the simplicity of meal choices and prep.  I generally stick to mono meal smoothies for breakfast and lunch, as it’s the quickest and easiest way to pound down some serious calories in short order.

However, sometimes I love to sit down and chew on my breakfast.   So, every once in a while I’ll buy a nice BIG watermelon.  This gives me two meals for $5 or so!  Another example of how eating raw till four is not expensive relative to a “normal” SAD diet.

Here’s my no brainer recipe card:


How simple is that?!  Just take a BIG watermelon, cut it in half, and eat it with a spoon.  Or, if you don’t like spooning a watermelon, you can just cut it up into slices and chow down.  Eating raw doesn’t have to be difficult, time consuming, or expensive.  Well, it can get expensive if you live in the north and want to buy a watermelon in the winter.  Ouch.

Some people will say “but there ain’t no calories in watermelon, it’s just water.  You’re going to starve to death!”  They’re wrong.  Of course you could tell them all about how much protein, carbs, and even fat, there is in half a watermelon.    But they won’t believe you.  So just send them over to cronometer so they can read up on the nutritional content of watermelon.  They will be amazed.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the amazing nutritional goodness of watermelons.  These numbers are for one whole watermelon of about 15 inches by 7.5 inches.  You can certainly eat the whole thing to double your calories, but I find my stomach just can’t fit a whole one in a single sitting.



As you can see, if you eat a whole one, you’ll get a staggering 1355 calories, with 27.6 grams of protein, 341 g of carbs, and even 6.8 g of fat.  This fat is a lot better than the fat you find in a bag of greasy McDonald’s fries.   In addition, you’ll be getting a boat load of most of the B vitamins, vitamin C, copper, iron, and potassium.

Like I said, my stomach just can’t handle a whole watermelon, so I’ll eat half, and then a couple hours later I’ll have a banana smoothie to get my carb intake up more.

Your skin will glow after eating a pile of watermelon on a regular basis.

One other option, if you don’t feel like sitting back and eating this pile of watermelon.  Throw it in high speed blender, add a small handful of fresh mint leaves, and some ice.  Blend on high until smooth, and grab a straw.  It’s so refreshing and hydrating.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.