If you want to get the most of the Raw Till 4 diet, you need to start following blogs, facebook pages,  and subscribe to YouTube channels, of the more high profile RT4’ers.

Naturally, you’ll want to follow the creator of Raw Till 4 at and join the group at


Learn About Raw Till 4 on YouTube:




Nutritional Info from a real Doctor

I will add more links soon.

5 Responses to Resources

  1. Christina says:

    Where can I find the approved foods list

    • Raw Till 4 says:

      You can find the raw till 4 guidelines here

      • Jeremy says:

        I’m curious on how this would look for a natural bodybuilder? I want to be healthy and be muscular but also lean year round. I have a family history of heart issues and I want to be healthy to live long for my family but also do my passion for Bodybuiding. Any tips?

  2. Michelle says:

    My husband and I are currently purging our kitchen of foods not suitable for this lifestyle. That being said, I am left with the problem of how I will maintain my cast iron pots/pans. They require about a half a tablespoon (eyeballed) each of oil to preserve the non-stick coating and prevent rust. I feel like this will make my cooked dinner too fatty. Any advice on this?

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