Don’t just take my word on how well this lifestyle works.  Check out these Youtube videos about others Raw Till 4 Reviews and results.  It’s very inspiring and will keep you motivated to stick to the program through the odd tough time.

First and foremost, you got to watch some of Freelee “The Bananagirl” youtube videos.  Freelee is an Aussie girl who came up with this amazing lifestyle!  Her mom actually coined the term Raw Till 4.  Freelee is THE perfect spokesperson for this program. She’s super fit, super sexy, super energetic, and super fun.  Her videos are almost always entertaining and definitely educational and inspirational.

Here’s one of Freelee’s videos to get you started:


In this video, she talks about real results from living the RT4 lifestyle and then gets to the nitty gritty of her “Principles”.  These principles spell out what to eat, how much to eat, what not to eat and much more.  This is important stuff, so check out the video.  I’ve also created a summary of the Raw Till 4 principles here.

Now that you got that out of the way, here’s some Raw Till 4 Reviews from random, unbiased, unaffiliated people who have tried the program.  If this doesn’t get you fired up, I don’t know what will!

Lost 40 Pounds on Raw Till 4

I guess this one isn’t exactly unbiased or unaffiliated, as Nadia is a friend of Freelee’s, and this is a Freelee video.  But seriously, you can trust that this results is legit, as Freelee doesn’t dick around and tells it like it is, always.  So Nadia lost 40 pounds, over 6 months or so by refocusing on the RT4 lifestyle and eating 3,000 to 4,000 calories of glorious carbs throughout that time.

Before that she was bouncing up and down on a calorie restricted raw food diet.  With not getting enough calories, she’d get cravings and fall of the wagon, eat crap, and gain back a ton of weight.

That’s really the beauty of RT4 isn’t it?  You get to eat as MUCH healthy fruits and vegetables as you want, and because of that, you don’t get those nasty cravings.  Hell, my stomach is almost always stuffed full of food, I don’t have any room for cravings and crap food.

Here’s another great results review video, this time from a GUY!  You really don’t see too many guys doing diet reviews on Youtube, and this Marcus Guiliano has had some amazing results on Raw Till 4.  Check it out:

So Marcus talks about his amazing results:  216 pounds to 186 pounds, in just 3 months.  That’s 30 pounds!  Woohoo.  And the best part of his review is when he talks about the massive quantities of food he eats in a day.  6 pounds of watermelon, 15 bananas, a huge bowl of pasta, etc.  It’s so amazing when you’ve become inundated by the mindset of caloric restriction to lose weight and then you get hit over the head by this info.  Calorie restriction DOES NOT WORK long term!  The other thing to note about Marcus and any other videos you’ll find about this lifestyle.  They just glow.  I don’t know how else to explain it.  They have an abundance of energy and enthusiasm, and there skin and eyes and hair just glow.

That’s it for now.  I’ll add some more random review videos here later.

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